7 Benefits of agency nursing in the UK 2022

Benefits of agency nursing

The benefits of agency nursing are highly satisfying and rewarding. Do you agree? We have more information about agency nursing, requirements, the demand, and a lot more in this blog. 

The rise in agency nursing

Of late, there is a rise in temporary employment of Registered Nurses (RNs). Some of the reasons are increased flexibility, reduction in labor costs, and most importantly, the shortages of RNs. The hospital-level data from California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development shows an improved demand for agency nurses appear during the years of RN shortage.

If you enjoy working as a nurse but want to earn more money and have more flexibility in terms of when and where you work, Agency Nursing may be the right fit for you. There are presently about 38,000 vacant NHS posts in England, giving agency employees an opportunity to fill the gaps and giving several chances for Nurses looking for temporary work.

10 benefits of agency nursing in the UK

1. Better pay and benefits

The answer to “Why do agency nurses get paid more?” lies here. Agency nurses are generally well paid. You will have a lot of availability, generally, if you are willing to commit to night hours or last-minute placements. Your hourly rate could increase by as much as 66% and could double if you are prepared to work antisocial weekend night shifts.

2. Highly flexible with greater control over your shifts

You can also choose your place of work.  You aren’t subject to a 7-week rotation which will probably include some nights and some weekends.  So if your kiddo is unwell, further study, childcare, or you need a break, you could easily take off. Sounds convenient, right? Not only can you choose when you’ll work, but you can also choose where. 

All you have to do is inform them of your availability. All you have to do is inform your recruiting consultant of your availability, and they will find opportunities and positions that match it.

3. Less stressful

Trust us, with agency nursing, you can leave a lot of the stress behind.  Working as a salaried nurse can leave you feeling stressed out most of the time.  In extreme cases, that leads to burnout. There might be less stress in agency life.  There is, frankly, less responsibility and less pressure. Also, you don’t have to worry about the politics of working in a team.  At the end of the day, you can clock out and go home.

4. Deal with the variety

You can choose from a variety of projects that will allow you to hone your skills in a variety of scenarios, healthcare settings, and specialties. This is especially useful if you are newly qualified and want to select a field in which you might wish to specialise in the future.

5. Ongoing career assistance

Working with an agency, especially over a long period of time, gives you access to professional consultants who are familiar with you, your talents, the areas you want to grow and develop in, and the direction you want your career to take. This means you can choose assignments that will help you achieve your career goals with more concentration and self-development.

6. Wider possibilities

Healthcare staffing firms spend years building extensive networks and particular relationships with both NHS and private healthcare providers throughout the UK, allowing them to access hundreds of locum tasks and positions each month. They can recommend many assignments, even back-to-back, that fit your life, goals, and skill development.

7. Gain exceptional experience

As a locum agency nurse, you will get invaluable experience. Locum work is a simple yet effective technique to ensure you have a very broad variety of experience, from being able to adapt rapidly to any setting, system, or process to be able to administer great treatment in a wide range of specialties.

What is expected of an agency nurse?

According to the Royal College of Nursing, there are currently 40,000 nursing openings in England’s health and care settings. To ensure patient safety, healthcare professionals must close this large gap. With so many vacancies, agency nurses play a critical role in filling the void and ensuring that organizations have a safe level of trustworthy healthcare workers on hand at all times.

All that’s expected from you is to have the ability to work as a team and independently, be adaptable, flexible, professional, be calm under pressure, show empathy and compassion, problem-solving ability, physical stamina, and excellent communication skills. 

Boost up your agency nursing career with JP Medicals Recruitment

Not only is there a scarcity of qualified nurses, but when permanent nurses in the healthcare sector are unable to work due to illness or other similar reasons, agency nurses like you can come in and cover the shift promptly. The advantages of agency nursing are unlimited too.

So, how do you fit within these essential characteristics?

If you believe you have what it takes to be a successful independent agency nurse, contact JP Medicals, one of the leading NHS recruiters in the UK. At JP Medicals, we do things a little differently; we put the satisfaction of the nurses we work with first, and we want you to be a part of the company’s growth and the nursing community we’re creating.

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