International nurses day UK 2022

International nurses day UK 2022

International Nurses’ Day 2022 - outstanding care and kindness behind the masks and scrubs

International Nurses Day is held every year to celebrate and honor the contribution nurses make to the community. No matter how nurses deal with the most pressing circumstances, they put everything with a smile. 

This blog is all about International Nurses Day 2022, the significance, this year’s nurses’ day theme, and the future-forward.

What is Global International Nurses Day? Why do we celebrate International Nurses Day?

Global International Nurses Day is a worldwide festival that recognises and honors the dedication and bravery of nurses. The day is organized by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) and recognizes the contributions nurses make to people’s health around the world.

Why is May 12th International Nurses Day?

Nurses Day has been celebrated by the (International Council of Nurses) ICN since 1965. However, it wasn’t until 1974 that the 12th of May was chosen to commemorate Florence Nightingale’s birthday

The ICN, which is a federation of over 130 national nurses’ associations representing over 27 million nurses worldwide, honors the achievements made by nurses all over the world on this global day.

What is the theme for International Nurses Day 2022?

The theme for International Nurses’ Day 2022 is “A voice to lead: A vision for future healthcare”.

Being right at the frontline of COVID-19, the nurses’ job during the tough pandemic times was not only to triage patients and detect suspected cases but also to provide essential treatment during emergencies, vaccination, contract tracing, help in decontamination, supply holistic nursing practices, coordinate with other healthcare providers, and much more. 

Their adept and quick thinking resulted in more patients receiving the right care. Despite all obstacles, we feel we should take time on May 12th to remember and honor such an amazing profession as Nursing! Many nurses are still working long hours to meet the rising demand in our health and care systems, so they may believe there is no time left for joy and enjoyment. 

With the theme of this year’s campaign being “A Voice to Lead – A Vision for Future Healthcare”, there is clear evidence that health and care systems around the world will need to evaluate what activities they will need to do to ‘build back better and fairer.’

What is the significance of International Nurses Day?

The International Council of Nurses creates and distributes the International Nurses’ Day kit each year, which contains useful educational and public information resources that nurses all over the globe can use.

Countries all throughout the world, however, commemorate this day in their own unique ways. In the United Kingdom, for example, each year in Westminster Abbey in London, a symbolic lamp is passed between nurses until it reaches the Nurses’ Chapel, where it is then put on the High Altar. This represents the transmission of knowledge from one nurse to the next.

Swiftness to adapt to different leadership qualities

Nurses many times have taken a lead to support their team while also ensuring that patients’ requirements are satisfied. Some of the pandemic demands like personnel shortages, increasing demand for services, fears of equipment shortages, and stressed staff levels, they had swiftly adapted to and learned new abilities.

Maintaining morale among coworkers is dependent on how nurses choose to lead. While caring for others, great nurse leaders instill confidence in their team and ensure that they feel valued, respected, and cared for. This has never been more crucial than during the COVID-19 pandemic’s high-stress environment.

The future of healthcare

The pandemic, according to ICN CEO Howard Catton is the right chance to explore new models in healthcare with nurses at the centre. Mr Catton goes on to say that the vision of future healthcare depends on developing new policies for transformation, which will be the main area of focus in 2022. 

Nurses have always been on the front lines of patient care, whether under the tremendous constraints of a pandemic or not. Nurses will be encouraged to continue to innovate and use their expertise, extensive knowledge base, and compassionate leadership qualities to play an important role in shaping the future of healthcare on International Nurses’ Day 2021.

JP Medicals wants to thank you

Without nurses, the pandemic’s fate would be drastically different. Nurses all throughout the world have demonstrated incredible courage, professionalism, and leadership in responding to some of the world’s most difficult issues.

Working with nurses so closely, at JP Medicals we understand you well. Despite all your difficulties, you continue to go above and beyond every day to provide your patients with highly trained, safety-critical treatment. 

We are fortunate to work with expert, kind, and knowledgeable nurses. We witness your hard you every day and the difference you make in the lives of patients, families, and the healthcare system.

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