Top 9 Nurse Podcasts in the UK that you can’t miss

Top 9 nurse podcasts in the UK that are worth checking

Top 9 nurse podcasts in the UK

Are you seeking some top-notch nursing podcasts to motivate, inform, or perhaps amuse you? Nurse podcasts are becoming a hugely popular form of entertainment, for they provide a fantastic method to get critical information from peers and specialists. But the question is, with so many alternatives available, how can you sort through the clutter and select the best nursing podcasts? We’ve compiled a list of the top ten nursing podcasts that we believe to be the most educational and practical.

Why do nurses listen to podcasts?

You can learn and grow when you listen to podcasts. The finest podcasts feature noteworthy guest speakers and specialists who provide essential insights, market trends, and intriguing advancements within a certain subject. Typically, you would need to purchase books, periodicals, or even seek the assistance of experts in order to get such knowledge.

Top nine nurse podcasts worth checking

Given how quickly things change in the nursing field, it’s critical to keep up with new theories and innovations. We have tried to choose a selection of podcasts that will appeal to as many specialties as possible because the nursing profession is so diverse.

1.The Nursing Handover Podcast

Any nurse can benefit greatly from listening to the Nursing Handover Podcast. It’s a fascinating and entertaining podcast where nurses talk about anything related to nursing. This podcast discusses a variety of fascinating topics.

2. Mastering Nursing Podcast

Keith Carlson, who has extensive experience in the healthcare sector, is the host of the Mastering Nursing Podcast. Anybody interested in the field should listen to this in-depth podcast.

3. Nursing Matters

The Royal College of Nursing podcast, which airs twice a week, keeps you up to date on all things nursing by featuring guest speakers, nursing-related topics of interest, and nursing news.

Even though it’s new, we like this podcast because it features exceptional guests and professionals from the RCN Professional Nursing Committee discussing the issues that matter most to nursing. The podcast’s listeners may anticipate hearing about a wide range of subjects, from inspiring ideas and cutting-edge practice to pay, conditions, and health and care legislation. You can listen to Nursing Matters wherever you get your podcasts or find all of the episodes on the RCN website here.

4. The Health Foundation

The Health Foundation, an independent organisation with headquarters in the UK, just launched a podcast. The Health Foundation’s mission is to improve healthcare and overall health for UK citizens.

The monthly Health Foundation podcast examines the most significant problems influencing the future of health and healthcare. The chief executive Dr. Jennifer Dixon conducts interviews with prominent figures from politics, business, and other fields to learn their perspectives on the most pressing topics and how they affect our health.

The Health Foundation podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts, or you can find all of the episodes here.

5. The King’s Fund podcast

The King’s Fund is an independent organisation, and its podcast features discussions on current issues in health and healthcare in the UK between experts from the King’s Fund, the NHS, and the healthcare sector.

6. Continulus Critical Care Nursing podcast

The “Critical Care Global Classroom,” which consists of biweekly lectures provided by top international specialists in critical care nursing, is accompanied by the Continulus Critical Care Nursing podcast.

This reputable nursing podcast, which has been around for a while, is excellent for in-depth study of the most recent evidence-based best practise. It is a priceless tool for any critical care nurse trying to stay current, with appearances from eminent experts and guest presenters.

The Continulus Critical Care Nursing podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts, or you can find all of the episodes here.

7. Critical Care Nursing Continuum

This podcast is a companion to the Critical Care Global Classroom, which has twice-weekly lectures by top specialists in critical care nursing from around the world. Anyone interested in evidence-based best practise must listen to this episode.

8. Good Nurse Bad Nurse

For those who enjoy learning unique tales about the medical industry, check out the Bad Nurse podcast.

Every episode features a narrative about a nurse from one of the two hosts, registered nurses Tina and Sam. The “good nurse” will share a tale that is encouraging and motivating. Usually, the “bad nurse story” would focus on the less positive aspects of the medical profession, such as difficulties, errors, and potential hazards. This podcast offers interviews with other people who have pursued careers in nursing as well as special guests who discuss current events in the medical industry.

9. The Nurse Keith Show

The Nurse Keith Show is a podcast for nurses who are primarily interested in career guidance. The registered nurse, board-certified nursing coach, and expert in holistic healing is Nurse Keith.

The Nurse Keith Show offers advice to nurses on how to make decisions that will contribute to their personal success and inspires viewers to enhance their professions and carve out their own paths. The podcast offers career advice as well as discussions of hot medical issues and interviews with other medical specialists.

Wrap up

We sincerely hope that this list contained something for you, no matter what aspect of nursing you may be involved in. However, if you have any other recommendations, let us know. We’ll see whether they’re appropriate to add to the list. Additionally, if you want to check available locum nursing recruitment agency jobs that you like to pursue in the future, contact JP Medicals Recruitment.

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