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Occupational Therapist – Preston

JP Medicals Recruitment, a leading NHS healthcare recruitment agency is currently recruiting a dedicated Occupational Therapist with active NMC registration to work in regular and flexible shifts at Longridge Community Hospital, Preston. Enjoy the opportunity to work with a leading recruitment agency with exclusive benefits, competitive pay, and top-class customer service.


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Occupational Therapist Job Requirements

We are recruiting for the role of Specialist Occupational Therapist to join the CATCH Team. We have better compensation and better benefits for you!Your role is to;-Provide a timely triage of patient referrals to promote continuity of care from hospital discharge into a community setting
-Prevent avoidable admissions
-Have direct communication with a variety of other clinicians, ward staff, GPs, social workers, paramedics, etc.
-To plan the most appropriate services required to support patients based on knowledge of intermediate care services available and directly commissioning care
-Direct patient-facing work in the home
-First-team completing assessments of patients in their own homes on the day of discharge from an acute hospital, to assess mobility, function and social care needs to promote recovery in their own environment

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