Theatre Nurse jobs in the UK

Nursing theatre jobs the UK with JP Medicals Recruitment

A Theatre Nurse’s job is most vulnerable, yet uniquely rewarding! The role requires confident, focused, and diligent nurses who work even in a high pressured environment. At JP Medicals, we are on the lookout for you!

We are delighted to be working with the best clientele for temporary staffing of theatre jobs in the United Kingdom. And we welcome you to be a part of our growing network in the nurse community.

Our offerings for Theatre Nurses

A leading agency for theatre nurse jobs UK, we have a variety of temporary positions in Anesthetic, Scrub, and Recovery and operating department practitioners (ODP). 

We provide the broadest range of shifts in both the NHS and the Private sector, allowing you to pick the right one.

We bundle up a lifetime of excellent support, with competitive packages and extended support and training. 

Kinds of theatre nurses we deal with

We’d like to hear from you if you’ve worked in a theatre and provided excellent compassionate patient care in any of the theatre job specialties listed below;

  • Ambulatory Theatre Nurses
  • Scrub Theatre Nurse/Practitioners
  • Anaesthetic Theatre Nurses 
  • Scrub Nurses
  • Recovery Theatre Nurses
  • ODP Theatre Nurses

Theatre vacancies