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  Occupational Therapy

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  • Date posted

    June 6, 2023

  • Closing date

    June 2, 2024

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    Band 5 Band 6 Band 7

  • Qualification

    Bachelor Degree

  • Experience

    1 - 2 Years

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    5 person



JP Medicals Recruitment, a leading NHS healthcare recruitment agency is currently recruiting a dedicated Occupational Therapy,( Specialty – Inpatients) HCPC registration to work in regular and flexible shifts at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, Woolwich, London .

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Job Description

  • To provide an evidence based occupational therapy (OT) service to palliative care
  • patients in a variety of settings focussing on adaptation and rehabilitation.
  • To assist in the development and evaluation of the occupational therapy service.
  • To work autonomously with the St Clare Hospice team to contribute to exemplary
  • care for patients and their families.
  • To be a resource and support to other Hospice staff and community professionals by
  • offering OT knowledge and skills.


  • As part of the multi-professional team, contribute to the holistic assessment of patients in a variety of settings and develop specialist palliative care provision accordingly.
  • To undertake OT assessment, addressing the patient’s physical, psychological and functional skills.
  • Identify the abilities and needs for patients and plan, implement and evaluate
  • JD OT May 2016 appropriate care.
  •  To help patients define their goals and engage them in a treatment/support
  • programme to work towards mutually agreed goals.
  •  Through the provision of direct intervention, teach specific symptom and
  • lifestyle management techniques (e.g. for pain, relaxation, anxiety,
  • breathlessness, fatigue).
  •  To assess for and provide appropriate equipment and appliances working in
  • conjunction with statuatory services.
  •  To provide advice and support to patients, their family and other carers,
  • teaching and demonstrating the use of equipment.
  •  To promote a culture of patient enablement in the multidisciplinary team.
  • Liaise with other professionals within the community, to achieve optimum
  • rehabilitation and to facilitate planned and co-ordinated packages of support
  • across health and social care.

How to Apply Job for a Occupational Therapy,( Specialty – Inpatients) 

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, Woolwich, London .

Please apply online with a copy of your most recent CV, who meets the above requirement and are interested in this position.

Please feel free to Email by registration@jpmedicals.co.uk best nursing agency in the UK.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer as we follow the Equality and Diversity policy.


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