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 Senior Nurse   

Job role insights

  • Date posted

    June 2, 2023

  • Closing date

    June 2, 2023

  • Hiring location

    Basildon & Wickford ICT

  • Offered salary


  • Career level

    Band 6

  • Qualification

    Bachelor Degree

  • Experience

    1 - 2 Years

  • Quantity

    5 person



JP Medicals Recruitment, a leading NHS healthcare recruitment agency is currently recruiting a dedicated  Senior Nurse  HCPC registration to work in regular and flexible shifts at NELFT NHS Foundation Trust, Basildon & Wickford ICT .

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-Regular and ad hoc shifts

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-Fast track compliance process

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-Referral Bonus

Job Description

  • 1. To be responsible for organising and prioritising own and others workload and day to day
  • allocation of work along with forward planning and delegation relating to service delivery.
  • 2. To act when required as manager for the team of clinical staff which may include
  • registered nurses and health care assistants.
  • 3. To organise team off duty and annual leave and ensure others are not disadvantaged.
  • 4. To ensure that Health roster and e-expenses are completed and submitted on time.
  • 5. To have organisational knowledge relating to trust protocols and procedures and ensure
  • these guide staff.
  • 6. To be able to deal with minor grievances and be guided by trust policy where
  • appropriate.
  • 7. To be responsible for providing accurate documentation for audit purposes.
  • Leadership
  • 1. Exercise leadership skills and be aware of position as a role model, to manage own
  • boundaries and be aware of area of competence and seek clinical and management
  • supervision on a regular basis.
  • 2. Influence others on the development of a productive team and working relationships.
  • 3. Actively promote integrated professional working relationships both in and externally.
  • 4. Develop and support the ethos of “team culture” and ensure that all team members deal
  • effectively with potential conflict.
  • 5. Take an active interest in working parties and groups within the trust to develop and
  • improve on service delivery protocols and guidelines.
  • 6. Participate with the audit process and link with the clinical governance agenda.
  • 7. Advise, encourage and share knowledge through peer review.
  • Computer/Administration
  • 1. Ensure accurate recording of patient records and documentation at all times.
  • 2. Responsible for the day to day running of the inpatient group.
  • Communication
  • 1. Have knowledge and experience a wide range of approaches to managing and
  • communicating for patient care.
  • 2. Develop effective communication between team members, peers, senior managers and
  • clinical leads within the trust.
  • 3. Foster communication and active working relationships with other disciplines, agencies
  • and health professionals along with administration and maintenance staff.
  • 4. Able to communicate highly complex, patient information facilitating positive outcomes
  • ensuring collaborative working.
  • Training
  • 1. Act as a mentor to student nurses providing effectively education facilitating their
  • development and promoting high standards of nursing care.
  • 2. Ensure own Continuous Professional Development and to support others.
  • 3. Assist in the planning and mandatory training and workshops for the team.
  • 4. Support and undertake appraisal and personnel development plan ensuring clinical
  • competencies and professional development in the role.
  • 5. Support and organise new staff through integration and induction.
  • 6. Reflect on practice regularly and plan professional development in order to achieve
  • growth and development. Access Clinical and managerial supervision to enhance
  • reflection on practice


  • Act as an autonomous registered practitioner, legally and professional accountable for
  • one’s own unsupervised actions guided by the professional code of conduct, trust
  • guidelines and protocols.
  • 2. The post holder will hold a current NMC PIN Number.
  • 3. Responsible and accountable for service/care delivery to clients.
  • 4. Autonomously assess and develop specialist plans of care to meet the complex needs of
  • patients for a variety of conditions include chronic acute and palliative care patients.
  • Continuously assessing and evaluating and acting on outcomes and initiating referrals to
  • other agencies as required.
  • 5. Provide patients and relatives with information and education thus ensuring they have
  • meaningful choices promoting dignity, independence and quality of life.
  • 6. Responsible for patient allocation and staff rotas.
  • 7. Support new initiatives in practice.
  • 8. Influence others to ensure practice is supported by research and evidence based
  • practice is sought through both literature and peer review.
  • 9. Actively support colleagues and peers both formally and informally through clinical practice groups.

How to Apply Job for a Senior Nurse

NELFT NHS Foundation Trust, Basildon & Wickford ICT ,

Please apply online with a copy of your most recent CV, who meets the above requirement and are interested in this position.

Please feel free to Email by registration@jpmedicals.co.uk best nursing agency in the UK.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer as we follow the Equality and Diversity policy.


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