Never miss these top 10 winter care for nurses

winter care for nurses

Winter care for nurses should be the most rewarding topic to discuss right now, exactly when winter has settled in the UK.

With the advent of winter, the healthcare staffing is going to face the worst winter on record with severe nurses shortage hitting the UK hospitals. This is because the NHS nurses feel that the staffing across all healthcare settings to be “unsafe” due to the looming winter days.

Nurses are a critical asset to health care. If you are a nurse reading this blog, do not let the mere winter chill deter you. Whether you are an NHS recruitment agency nurse or a nurse enrolled in medical recruitment agencies in the UK or locum recruitment agency manchester, this blog is for you. We have some tips to keep you warm, stay safe, and protected when the temperature drops.

Winter care for nurses

1. Protect your hands

With repeated hand washing and sanitizing in these low temperatures, the skin in your hands can really feel the pain of numbness. We recommend you to wear gloves whenever possible. Before going to sleep, pamper them with a good amount of hand cream to moisturize them, and wear a light cotton glove as you sleep. Trust us, the cream will soften your skin, keeping it prepared for the next day.

2. Try a rejuvenating hair mask

Winter flyaway can make your hair texture coarse and lifeless. Try rejuvenating your hair with a perfect mash of banana, honey, and yogurt. Apply on the damp hair and wash it after leaving it for 30 minutes. Another quick hair spa can be as a result of coconut oil and ripe avocado. Mash them both and let them sit for 20 minutes before washing off with a shampoo, followed by a conditioner. 

3. Protect your face with a gentle face mask

Your face is softer than the rest of your body, which makes it prone to easy irritation and harm during winter. Try a hydrating face mask which can help better than a winter moisturizer. Deseed cucumber, blend it smooth, and mix it with 2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice. Apply the mixture around the neck and face. Wash off after letting the mask sit for 30 minutes.

4. Boost your immune system with healthy foods

Intake healthy foods into your diet to keep up a healthy immune system. Add nonfat yogurt or pumpkin puree to the oatmeal. The result is an assured healthy dose of Vitamin A in just a few calories. Consuming raw cranberries can give the necessary boost of fiber. Munch on plain avocado chunks or add them into your veggie omelet or salad.

Alternatively, if you do not have time and source, try multivitamin supplements (with Vitamin D content) every day. They help build a healthy immune system, plus give you the comfort of staying warm and fighting the winter blues. Do not forget your daily portion of water, which can lead to dehydration. 

5. Fight stress

Remember your profession is not an easy ride! You fight with exposed patients all day long, and stress will only make your body find it difficult to fight off cold and other complications. The winter pressure tends to induce sleep disorders in nurses who work on multiple shifts. We recommend that you get adequate sleep for a relaxed state of mind.

6. Keep your car well-stocked

Whether it is night shifts, long shifts, or poor road conditions (ice and snow), nurses are expected to report to work. Hence you need an emergency kit installed in your car. Have necessities like antifreeze, an additional jacket, thermal socks, gloves, blanket, flashlight, and kitty litter or sand. The next good idea is to have some snacks, a small shovel, and an ice-scraper. 

7. Layer your clothing

The layering of warm clothes can help you stay warm when you are traveling out to the extremely chilly hospital or visiting a home-sick patient. Try wearing really long pants underwear, preferably made of silk or synthetic fibers, as they add to the coziness, without you feeling bulky. Try a tank-top camisole, warm tights, with fingerless gloves and woolen socks.

8. Fight against germs

Winter is definitely the time for the cold and flu. It’s imperative that you stay conscious of your habits especially now. Ensure you carry a hand sanitizer, wash hands frequently, avoid contact to your face, wear a mask, wipe down common surfaces frequently.

9. Give yourself a shot for flu

A flu shot is recommended, not only for patients but also for the nurses. Give yourself one to remain protected against chest infections, bacterial, and viral infections that are dear to the cold weather.

10. Put a stop to injury

The chill weather and winter storms can result in a lot of injuries. Be mindful of your surroundings by making sure to:

  • Watch out for large icicles
  • Wear shoes with good traction
  • Dust off your vehicle after the snowstorm
  • Watch out for large icicles

We agree winter poses a lot of threats like dangerous driving conditions, winter storms, power outages, darker chilly days. Despite the challenges you may face, nursing is a most rewarding career and your choice is absolutely right! Whether you are living in the UK or want to consider medical recruitment agencies UK or critical care nurse jobs, JP Medicals NHS recruiters can help. 

Check out the latest nursing jobs posted around the country or get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss suitable roles in your desired area.

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