Nurses rally to support refugees fleeing Ukraine violence

refugees fleeing

It’s the scene of refugees fleeing now. As of Fee 24th, more than two million people have fled the war in Ukraine confirms the UN’s refugee army. 

The situation is more gripping. The raging war between Russia and Ukraine has created a sense of urgency around the globe. According to a trustworthy source in the United Nations, around 500,000 have already fled to Ukraine by the Russian military on 24 February. Thousands of them have been internally displaced by the military hostilities. Philanthrophists from across the globe have been providing life-saving support and protection to families who have fled from their homes. With the backing provided, a lot of Ukrainians are ensured to be sheltered and safe. 

How did the nurses support the refugees fleeing?

Given the situation, will the nurses be unkind? Never. A group of nurses is working round the clock in and around Doncaster to send adequate medical supplies to refugees who are fleeing Ukraine towards the Poland border. This blog is all about how nurses rally to send vital aid to the refugees fleeing Ukraine violence. We have also touched upon the safety precautions that are initiated against the nurses held in Ukraine.

A nurse is ever compassionate, always caring soul. She is ever practical, amazing, humble to all people who need care, unmindful of their age, color, religion, or creed.

Headed by the respiratory nurse South Humber NHS Foundation Trust, Deborah Edwards, and a Polish nurse Marzena Filipiak and with other groups of colleagues at the Rotherham Doncaster have been running around collecting hundreds of donations for napkins, blankets, clothing, baby food, babies’ nappies, baby prams, and medical dressings. 

The initiative has invited amassing community support, with a huge lorry arranged with donations for the refugees fleeing across the Ukraine border. The best part here is the support extended by a Polish lorry driver who has volunteered to carry out this donation directly to Warsaw’s refugee centre.

This act of kindness by the nurses and other volunteers continues to appeal to basic necessities like sanitary products, medicines, sleeping bags, paracetamol, sanitary products, roll mats, energy bars, toiletries, and rucksacks have made the general public join in this contribution. There had been parcels received from all over Yorkshire.

This nurse group has also been making calls donations across the internet and on its staff bulletin. The nature of nurses and their instinct to care and support is much evident in this philanthropic act. Looking at these coordinating donations of collecting cosmetics and clothing, other commoners are being encouraged, due to which reports confirm that the donations are piling up.

Protection of nurses in Ukraine

In this condition, if you were to ask what is the condition of the healthcare nurses in Ukraine, there is a piece of news as well. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) along with 130 other members have proposed to stand in support of the nurses and the healthcare workers who are caught up in the Ukraine conflict. Since nurses and healthcare workers are a base for reconciliation and healing, the ICN has claimed that the safety of all healthcare workers is crucial in this situation. It has further claimed that any attack against them is totally against the international regulations and is an affront against humanity.


ICN is taking the initiative to contact the nurses in the affected regions and striving hard to connect with them to offer solidarity and support. To this, the President of the Russian Nurses Association has replied that as a country they are ever concerned about the nurse’s colleagues and agreed that no other profession is as cherishable as the nurses and that the health of the nurses is much of a concern for them. 

To further add, Valentina Sarkisovam the President of the Russian Nurses Association has mentioned that together with the entire world, they wait and hope for a rapid resolution of all conflicts and return to normalcy. 

Time to take action

In order to contribute to the refugees fleeing along with the nurse’s rally, you need not be a registered nurse, occupational therapist, or scrub nurse, all that you need is a simple heart that’s warm and kind. Be part of these global donations. If you are living locally, you could either drop them off at the Bentley Church or via the British Red Cross website.

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