Everything you need to know about nmc code of conduct

NMC code of conduct

Nmc code of conduct is a doctrine which every registered nurse in the UK is expected to follow. It was first revised in 2015 after its inception in 2008 to incorporate several social and healthcare changes. Knowing the code of conduct will help you work more ethically with social responsibility and without negligence. 

If you are unsure of what nurses’ code of conduct is all about, then this blog is just for you.

What is a nurse's code of conduct?

The nmc code of conduct is an embodiment of an array of professional standards that all the registered nurses working in the UK should maintain. Whether they provide direct or indirect care to the patient(s) by working as an agency or registered nurse, or serve communities or exercise nursing and midwifery practice in roles like leadership, research, or education, they need to work in consonance with the this Code of conduct.

The NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) can anytime intercede and pass judgments if or when midwives or registered nurses fail to endorse the Code. During extreme cases of violation, they are even expelled from their respective duties.

What is the relation between code and the revalidation process?

The Code is vital to the whole revalidation process as it focuses on the professional reflection of the nurses, boosts their professional life and their status. It is nothing but a series of statements that stresses good nursing and midwifery practice. It highlights placing the patients’ interests in the forefront, ensuring they are given a safe, effective, trustworthy professionalism and follow disciplinary procedures during treatment.

The code highlights four major P’s that the nurses and midwives are expected to value: 

What is the relation between code and the revalidation process V1

Nmc code of conduct - the fundamentals of care

This encompasses several aspects of caring for a patient, which includes making sure that they have adequate provision to nutrition and hydration.

The commitment to truthfulness

Ensuring public and patient safety is a must according to the code. Therefore all nurses and midwives working for NMC should be honest and truthful with their patients, peers, and their healthcare regulators when things get chancy.

Immediate in raising concerns

They should raise their apprehensions promptly as and when they come to know of a threat when it comes to patient safety or public protection.

Responsibility and delegation

All nurses and midwives should appropriately delegate their tasks and duties and ensure the given task is completed according to the required standard, in the given time.

Exhibit professional duty to respond during emergencies

Even during off-duty, nurses and midwives should be ready to take action, within due limits of their ability.

Promote trust

Nurses should uphold their professional reputation at all times and exhibit a personal commitment when it comes to practice and behavior as per the Code. They should exhibit integrity and leadership and should perform actions that build trust and confidence in patients, among healthcare professionals, and the wider public.

Attentive use of social media

When it comes to social media, nurses, and midwives should responsibly use them in accordance with NMC guidance.

Prioritise people and treat them as inidividuals

Nurses are expected to first give precedence to those who need nursing care or midwifery services first. They need to withhold safety as their main concern first by recognizing, assessing, or responding to their needs. Patients should be treated with respect with no discrimination.

Respect people’s confidentiality

All nurses and midwives are expected to respect people’s right to confidentiality. They are not supposed to share or divulge confidential information unless and otherwise as stated by the law of the state.

Collaborate with those in your care

Listening to people in care and responding to their concerns should be the first priority of nurses. In order to provide well-being to patients, they should be able to communicate in their own language in a way that they understand.

Efficient practice

Nurses should deliver effective treatment as per the advice when it comes to preventative or rehabilitative care without any delay based on best practice. They need to communicate effectively keep the evidence in place, and share skills and knowledge, wherever appropriate.

Maintain professional boundaries

They are not supposed to accept any gifts, loans, hospitality or favours in order to gain preferential treatment. The next crucial thing is to establish clear sexual boundaries with people whom they offer care to.

A ruly nurse who is not empathetic, professional, truthful, responsible, and inattentive can incur the risk of canceling her nursing license. You wouldn’t want that right? Look forward to more blogs in this series from JP Medicals Recruitment.

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