The 13 key benefits of Revalidation for nurses

The 13 key benefits of Revalidation for nurses

The benefits of revalidation are what make NMC registrants run for it. 

We agree the process involves bothersome paperwork, a set of practice hours, and a lot of patience, but it can be instrumental in assisting all NMC registrants to make positive changes to the way they work. If you are a nurse, but unsure of what revalidation is, then you should read our previous blog for more insights. Additionally for nurses to adopt revalidation without hiccups, they should first realize the benefits of the new process.

Why is revalidation important?

To reel back on what is revalidation, it is all about nurturing best practices, while also boosting public confidence in the midwifery and nursing professions. The process demonstrates and assesses the fitness to practice. In short, revalidation helps create an ecosystem of knowledge sharing, self-reflection, and continuous improvement.

First and foremost, revalidation is crucial as it officially registers the stakeholders with the NMC. It gives the opportunity for nurses to reflect and review their skills, practically learn how to fine-tune them, plus withhold the nurses’ code, which is nothing but a token that represents they are registered to practice in the UK.

It basically revolves around 4 main themes;

  • Practice effectively
  • Prioritize people
  • Preserve safety
  • Encourage professionalism

The need for revalidation

Next to the line of benefits, what has made the revalidation the most sought-after one is the new compulsory policy initiated by the NHS (Nursing and Midwifery Council) in April 2016. 

According to the latest annual data disclosed by NMC, there were 204,218 nurses and midwives revalidated, with 406,917 still under the process of revalidating since its inception in the year 2016. Nearly two-thirds of the UK’s current population of nurses and midwives are revalidated, which includes 56 percent of those working in the hospital setting, 18 percent from the community services, and 8 percent of them working as home care nurses. The others were from schools, prisons, etc.

The process holds weightage in the UK as it ensures every nurses and midwife stick to the quality standards in their respective care setting. It focuses only on patient care, vouching that the care rendered is of a high standard. Most on top, the process verifies and guarantees that nurses offer a trustworthy service with no pitfalls.

The benefits of revalidation for nurses

Benefits of Revalidation image

Though the initial annunciation of revalidation in April 2016 for nurses and midwives created initial anxiety, it is a proven fact that they have found the whole process beneficial, according to Nursing and Midwifery Council pilot sites. 

  • Encourages nurses to stay up-to-date in terms of their professional development and skills, which raises the bar of trustworthiness among the public
  • They gain confidence that they can practice more safely and efficiently
  • Improves the care that they deliver
  • Boosts the professional development activities of nurses and midwives
  • Increases the awareness of the code and the standards of expectations
  • Develops self-reflection and continuous improvement
  • Makes a positive difference in the career performance appraisal 
  • Improves the practical ability to carry out the standards of care expected of them
  • Affirms work ethic and professionalism
  • Improves self-confidence about their competency
  • Fosters mutual shared learning for the betterment
  • With continuously focusing more on the quality of practice, there is gain in the reputation of the nursing profession
  • Grants stakeholders the opportunity to devise schedules to talk through their practices with fellow professionals for better opportunities

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