Tips and tricks to become an ICU nurse

ICU Nurse

ICU nurses are registered nurses who are highly specialised and trained to handle patients with critical conditions. Their expertise extends to handling patients from neonatal to senior intensive care units and they generally possess calm composure, a positive attitude, and a progressive technical skillset. If you are keen to pursue your career as an ICU nurse, then this blog has some tips and tricks that can help you to become one. 

What is an ICU nurse?

An ICU nurse comes under the healthcare professional and works in an ICU of a healthcare facility. Such a nurse could either serve as short- or long-term and require extensive training to handle patients under specific age groups, with injuries in specific body parts or those in emergencies.

How to become an ICU nurse?

Here are some typical entry requirements that will help you become an ICU nurse:

1. Obtain a nursing degree:

Obtaining a nurse’s degree is the first step to becoming an ICU nurse. Select your area of focus right here — children nursing, mental health nursing, adult nursing, etc. There are some university degrees that accept “dual degrees”, check with your university before you plan.

During the course, you will acquire fundamental knowledge about nursing duties and understand medical terminologies.

In short, what’s basically needed here is ​you have a bachelor-level degree and display academic ability at your degree level.

2. Gain apprenticeship by becoming a nursing associate

After your university degree that combines training as well, you will have the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors to begin your career as a nursing associate. Alternatively, you can also do RNDA, which is nothing but a “registered nurse degree apprenticeship (RNDA)” that combines your academic outcomes with on-the-job training. Most RNDA’s span four years, but it could be less if you have prior experience. 

A wise option here is to get in touch with trustworthy NHS agency jobs for apprenticeship opportunities.

3. Boost your nursing experience

Further to your nursing associate role, your next step is to join as an ICU nurse. Obtain a registered nurse job to work in the ICU. Gain a minimum of two to five years of work experience, which is typically enough for a certified ICU nurse. During the course, gain more skills in patient care about injuries and traumatic illnesses and master yourself. Stay focused, for your goal is still not reached.

4. Get registered

The next step to follow is to become registered as a healthcare professional. Provide evidence to show that you are experienced as a healthcare professional within the intensive critical care unit and prove your demonstrative evidence for CPD (continuing professional development) activities.

5. Continue your studies

Never quit from studies. Enroll in an appropriate postgraduate diploma/Masters’s program with a Higher Education Institute. This is crucial because even a trainee ICU nurse role can be more beneficial with a two-year postgraduate diploma or Master’s degree. 

6. Obtain ICU nurse certification

There are some popular options to get ICU nurse certifications. But what most of them require is the experience of working with critical condition patients and a nursing license. You can try for the Certification for Critical-Care Nurses (CCRN) which includes an exam issued by the AACN (American Association of Critical-Care Nurses). There are again many specializations available for CCRN including mental health, neonatal, cardiac medicine, etc which require different requirements.

7. Apply for ICU nursing jobs

With this major certification in hand, you can apply for ICU critical care nurses in almost all healthcare facilities. You can hunt for work in specific environments, such as post-operative centers or cardiac catheter labs if you choose a specialty. Many ICU nurses, on the other hand, prefer to work in hospital departments such as the ICU, NICU, or surgical department.

As a life-saver, an ICU nurse is expected to hone his/her skills everyday. With practice and perseverance, it is easy to become an expert in your field. Get in touch with JP Medicals Recruitment for more ICU agency nurses recruitment that comes with the best package and benefits.

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